Chromatic Major Modes Magazine (digital + physical) + Modal Explorer



Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: This product includes the Relief Party digital album (MP3). Upon payment, you will be able to download a PDF with a download link for the CMM magazine + audio examples and exercises and the Modal Explorer app. The physical copy of the magazine will ship within 3 business days.

“What would happen if you would alter the leading tones of a tonic chord, instead of a dominant chord? This simple question turned out to have a complex outcome. It has led me to develop an elaborate harmonic system, which I have dubbed the ‘Chromatic Major Modes’. This system has become one of the corner stones of my approach to harmony, and is an integral part of many of my compositions and improvisations.” The Chromatic Major Modes Magazine looks into the 18 modes and their 7 degrees in depth. It also includes a horoscope. The magazine is 32 pages with 27 audio examples + 15 pages of exercises.

The Modal Explorer is an app developed by Seth Gory, based on the theory of Chromatic Major Modes by Reinier Baas. It is a stand-alone desktop app compatible with Windows and Mac, which allows you to explore the Chromatic Major Modes and its degrees. The app lets you record what you play, save presets, adjust the voicing, mode, key and sound. It has a glide and a negative harmony function. The range of each voice is limited to an octave, which produces characteristic, angular voice leading.

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