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NEWSLETTER 06/12/2019
Dear all of you,
I hope this newsletter finds you in excellent shape, both mentally and financially, and also physically.
I’m very proud to inform you that I am the protagonist of the latest episode of NTR’s TV series “New Generation”, ft. the gigantic Jesse van Ruller. This short documentary is in Dutch, subtitles will follow soon.

Part of the program was the making-of of this music video, which I’ve released on YouTube several seconds ago (!). This is a tribute to the great composer Misha Mengelberg, featuring an arrangement of his elaborately titled composition ‘De Sprong O Romantiek Der Hazen’ (‘The Jump O Romance Of Hares’). Spiritual and artistic guidance by Ernst Glerum, directed by Isabel Lamberti. Thanks to animalcasting.nl for providing the hare.
More videos of the duo show with Jesse will be uploaded to my channel soon. Subscribe if you’d like to stay up to date.
In other news, I have been commissioned by the stellar ensemble Pynarello to write an additional, fifth movement for Dvořák’s New World symphony for their January tour of the Netherlands. These performances feature 48 brilliant musicians that will play the music by heart and without a conductor. It has been an absolute highlight to hear the music performed in this setting, I do urge you to go see it (find the dates here).
In addition to my teaching position at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, I have recently started a two-year tenure at Siena Jazz University, where I will be teaching guitar and ensembles three days per month. I’m very proud to be on faculty at two of Europe’s finest jazz institutions.
If you’re a Dutch speaker and you can’t get enough of my utterances, by all means check out this long-read interview by Freek Dijkstra on jazznu.com.
Should you like to see more video footage: my duo performance with Ben van Gelder at Vrije Geluiden can be seen right here.
A record with the Conservatory of Amsterdam Big Band with music by Johan Plomp and yours truly is in the making. Out soon!
Lastly, in the spirit of Christmas, there will be an enormous discount of 15% on our latest record ‘Mokum In Hi-Fi’ at the shop on my website for the rest of the month December. Only one day late for Sinterklaas!
Happy holidays, hope to see you at one of the shows listed here.
Mr Baas


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