#oneminuteradio 1 out now!

#oneminuteradio is the latest project of Amsterdam-based guitarist and composer Reinier Baas, and a vehicle for some of his most wildly varied output to date. His target audience: “people with above average character and a below average attention span”. This succession of individual, minute-long compositions highlights his singular, orchestral approach to the guitar, as well as his love of hip-hop beats, lo-fi samples, 20th-century harmony and African drum music. For all its variety in instrumentation, style and density, the music maintains a surprising sense of overall form.

The first in a series of #oneminuteradio EP’s is out now on Dox Records. “The best 10 minutes of your life with your pants on”, Baas modestly describes it. We are sad to say: he is not wrong.

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