‘Discombobulatrix’ deluxe edition tin box up for pre-order

Reinier Baas vs. Princess Discombobulatrix is a mostly instrumental, partly improvised opera, brought to you by a septet ft. Ben van Gelder, Joris Roelofs and Martijn Vink. The record, with additional strings, woodwinds and vocals, will be out on September 16th 2016. The music will be released as a limited edition tin cigar box including a CD + illustrated book, poster and postcards by the great Typex, and as a regular ol’ CD and download. To celebrate this gigantic occasion, we will tour Holland in September with special guest Nora Fischer as Princess Discombobulatrix.

Pre-orders of the deluxe edition are available until September 15th (price will increase enormously after this date).

Find out more below:

Smooth Jazz Apocalypse LIVE

Smooth Jazz Apocalypse LIVE is up on Spotify. The band is Harmen Fraanje (who wrote Aneris and Ballad), Joris Roelofs, Ben van Gelder, Maarten Hogenhuis, Mark Schilders and Sean Fasciani. Recorded at the Bimhuis by Micha de Kanter in April 2014.

Metropole Orchestra videos online

Footage of our project with the Metropole Orchestra is online (!): Ben’s ‘Silver/Grey’ and my tune ‘Stuiter’, both arranged by Gerd Hermann Ortler, and ‘Smooth Jazz Apocalypse’, arranged by Christian Elsässer, who also conducted the project.

Ben van Gelder trio / Metropole Orchestra stream

Looking forward to the last show of a small, yet enormous tour with Ben van Gelder and Han Bennink, at the Bimhuis tonight. A lot of new music by Mr. van Gelder, lo-high combo’s on alto and people dancing frantically to Mr. Bennink playing on various objects, animals and persons. Also, high-end audio and video […]

Metropole Orchestra ft. Ben van Gelder & Reinier Baas

I’m highly excited to announce that Ben van Gelder and I will be performing with the incredible Metropole Orchestra next month. We’re playing two shows with beautiful arrangements of our music at LantarenVenster, Rotterdam (Jan 15th) and Westergastheater, Amsterdam (Jan 16th). Conducted by Christian Elsässer. Arrangements by Christian, Rob Horsting, Daniel Jamieson, Gerd Hermann Ortler […]

Premiere concerto for guitar and brass / carte blanche Zaal 100

On Sunday November 8th ‘Music for guitar and brass’ will be premiered at November Music Festival in Den Bosch, featuring Jean-paul Estiévenart, Morris Kliphuis, Jan Oosting and Martin van den Berg. The music sounds very cerebral and highly undanceable, but there is a passage that resembles a moose’s courtship display, and the quartet can make […]

Reinier Baas vs Princess Discombobulatrix

In light of the coming Princess Discombobulatrix festivities next week, Stefan de Graaf asked me several questions in a row for Jazzenzo online magazine. Thomas Huisman made some wonderful pictures of me face down in various kinds of soil. Words are in Dutch. Read the interview here. Upcoming shows: Bimhuis July 7th, Lantaren Venster July […]

Vink, Fraanje, Baas / New Zealand & Australia tour with TMSRJME

On February 23rd, sizeable Harmen Fraanje​, majestuous Martijn Vink and the enormous wizard Zendor Zwordek invited a small group of tiny people to attend one of their sets of free improv at their practice space. Many thanks to Lucas, Carlos and Ayako for recording, editing and mixing the concert beautifully. Coming up: New Rotterdam Jazz […]


Playing at Jazzwerkstatt Bern (CH) with Benedikt Reising (alto and bass clarinet) tonight. We’ll be performing both Benedikt’s and my music. The logo is made of toilet paper, in case we play like crap, hit the brown note or move the audience to vomit ecstatically. Featuring Lucien Dubuis on alto and contrabass clarinet. And Fabian […]

Duo with Ben van Gelder / New vinyl 7″

Lucas van Eck is a man of many talents. Among many other things, he predicted hipsterism, makes documentaries and guitar effect pedals and plays more instruments than an orchestra with many people and many different instruments. Here’s a clip he made of Ben van Gelder and Yours Truly playing Ben’s new composition Palace. Furthermore, this […]