Deadeye LIVE



Product Description

Limited edition 12″ vinyl (180 grams). Length: approximately 29 minutes.

Featured in The Best Jazz On Bandcamp (March 2023):

“This live recording at a basement show tour stop in Cologne, Germany radiates a raw enthusiasm and dynamic energy several notches above the Deadeye trio’s intriguing 2022 debut. This album is why we go to live shows: For those performances where the band comes together in unforeseen ways, where the electricity between musicians and audience flows freely and builds as it passes back and forth, and when the music hits a new plateau that the studio album only hinted at. The trio of guitarist Reinier Baas, Hammond organist Kit Downes, and drummer Jonas Burgwinkel lay into a jazz-rock sound, where wild improvisation and blues attitude snap into place and deliver a thrilling mix of group cohesion and wildly expressive individualism. Thankfully, much of that live performance energy carried over to the recording.”

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