Premiere concerto for guitar and brass / carte blanche Zaal 100

On Sunday November 8th ‘Music for guitar and brass’ will be premiered at November Music Festival in Den Bosch, featuring Jean-paul EstiĆ©venart, Morris Kliphuis, Jan Oosting and Martin van den Berg. The music sounds very cerebral and highly undanceable, but there is a passage that resembles a moose’s courtship display, and the quartet can make the worst music sound like it was written by an enormous wizard.

Furthermore, I will be playing a solo set at De Ruimte in Amsterdam Noord on November 12th. Also, Zaal 100 in Amsterdam invited me to curate an evening on November 25th. It will involve Raphael Vanoli, Onno Govaert, Joris Roelofs, Peter Schlamb (all the way from Kansas City), Hermon Mahari (from KC also), Ben van Gelder, Glenn Gaddum and Mark Schilders. DJ Jozias van Aartsen will be playing Russian synth pop and North-Korean life song (and the cover is only 7 euros).

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