Vink, Fraanje, Baas / New Zealand & Australia tour with TMSRJME

On February 23rd, sizeable Harmen Fraanje​, majestuous Martijn Vink and the enormous wizard Zendor Zwordek invited a small group of tiny people to attend one of their sets of free improv at their practice space. Many thanks to Lucas, Carlos and Ayako for recording, editing and mixing the concert beautifully. Coming up: New Rotterdam Jazz […]


Playing at Jazzwerkstatt Bern (CH) with Benedikt Reising (alto and bass clarinet) tonight. We’ll be performing both Benedikt’s and my music. The logo is made of toilet paper, in case we play like crap, hit the brown note or move the audience to vomit ecstatically. Featuring Lucien Dubuis on alto and contrabass clarinet. And Fabian […]

Duo with Ben van Gelder / New vinyl 7″

Lucas van Eck is a man of many talents. Among many other things, he predicted hipsterism, makes documentaries and guitar effect pedals and plays more instruments than an orchestra with many people and many different instruments. Here’s a clip he made of Ben van Gelder and Yours Truly playing Ben’s new composition Palace. Furthermore, this […]

new rotterdam jazz orchestra plays reinier baas (me)

On December 19th in De Doelen in Rotterdam, my former colleagues of the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra will serve as my little mignons in a show entirely dedicated to myself, Reinier Baas. The programme will consist largely of the music of Reinier Baas, arranged by Reinier Baas, featuring Reinier Baas on guitar. You’ll be able […]

Bright Noise Tour

On tour with the illustrious, highly international double tenor conjunction Bright Noise (ft. Ben Bryden and Steven Delannoye). Belgium so far: a very warm welcome at the Hot Club de Gand, workshop at the Lemmens institute and a show in Tielt with a casual mummy in the dressing room. Antwerp (Hopper, afternoon) and Brussels (Roskam, […]

Extra special grand tour of Earth tour diary

These past few months, I have been travelling the globe. Like a globetrotter. First stop this summer was the ridiculously beautiful island of Crete, where I performed with the mighty Joris Roelofs and learned how to drive a car. Upon getting back, I had the honour to play with Han Bennink and Ben van Gelder […]

***** review and interview in Jazzism

The omnipotent and handsome people of ‘Jazzism’ magazine are the first to realise that our third and latest record Smooth Jazz Apocalypse deserves at least five out of five stars. I would have given it six out of five myself. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer band. The universe rejoices. Justice has been served, so […]

Coming up: North Sea Jazz Festival, Concertgebouw, Japan tour

A horse walked into a bar. Several people got up and left as they spotted the potential danger in the situation. Also, coming up: many concerts in Rotterdam (ao NSJ festival) and Amsterdam (ao Concertgebouw, Grachtenfestival), involving Ben van Gelder, Han Bennink, Jules Deelder, Harmen Fraanje, Martijn Vink, Smooth Jazz Apocalypse and Windkracht 7. In […]

12 Points festival etc

The Smooth Jazz Apocalypse World Domination Release Tour has been more fun than seeing my intoxicated donkey attempt to eat figs. A nearly-sold-out Bimhuis, great (Dutch) reviews here and here, and an extremely warm welcome in Sweden at the 12 Points festival. Read the article by All About Jazz on 12 points here. Listen to […]

Smooth Jazz Apocalypse Out Now

On March 11th 2014, world champion darts Michael van Gerwen invited the King and Queen of the Netherlands, myself and several other geniuses to his palace for lunch. Also, our new record is out and available at the shop with iDeal or PayPal and via iTunes.