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1. Introduction to the parameter approach.

This 60 minute video lecture is an introduction to my composition method, based on the 7 parameters of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, form, texture and dynamics. The parameter approach is a guide to turning musical ideas into vocabulary, and developing your own style as an improviser and composer through the development of systems, rules and formulas. Secondly, it’s a way of analysing music and categorising your knowledge and ideas, allowing you to draw from the music you love as if it were a giant a la carte menu. Thirdly, it’s a method to come up with ideas for new compositions by analysing your own music. It will help you look for habits that you might not be aware of, and will give you tools to come up with etude-like assignments that pursue the opposite of these habits. Lastly, the parameter approach will help you cast improvisation in a new light. We will look into leaving different parameters open for the interpretation of the performers, allowing musicians of any background to improvise. This video contains examples from hip-hop, 20th century classical music, jazz and analyses of my own music.



1. Routine & craftsmanship: how to practice technique, sound and overview, breath, posture and focus. Why you should have a routine. Teaches you about the importance of slow practice and includes a stupendous amount of exercises involving breathing and posture, focus and awareness, single line, chords and sight reading. ±60 minutes.

2. Blues in F: in this video, I will take a wildly out-there interpretation of a basic 12-bar blues structure as a starting point to talk about two important subjects: comping without a rhythm section and advanced tonal harmony. ±30 minutes.

3. Inner Urge: we will use this radically overplayed, but beautiful Joe Henderson tune as common ground to investigate two more subjects: phrasing (a detailed analysis with many examples from classical theory, jazz and hiphop) and advanced modal harmony. ±30 minutes.

4. Stella by Starlight: voice leading, voice leading and (a modal approach to) voice leading. ±30 minutes.

5. The guitar as an orchestra: a lesson about texture. Learn how to develop a huge pallet of sounds on the guitar without using pedals. Examples include the use of open strings, emulating other instruments and sections of the orchestra, percussive and tapping techniques, playing sul ponticello, the use of overtones and picking, strumming & finger-style techniques. ±30 minutes.

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